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Zoo Med Heat & UVB Combo Pack #FSC-1

Zoo Med Heat & UVB Combo Pack #FSC-1

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Zoo Med Heat and UVB Combo Pack includes both heating and UVB in one convenient package. For use with tropical or desert species of reptiles and amphibians. Designed for a minimum 20 gallon enclosure.


- Zoo Med ReptiSun 5.0 UVB Compact Fluorescent Bulb 26W (#FS-C5):

  • Self-ballasted bulb for all tropical species of reptiles including box turtles, water turtles, iguanas, anoles, tortoises and chameleons
  • Also, excellent for amphibians (like arrow frogs), hermit crabs and terrarium plants
  • Helps prevent or reverse metabolic bone disease commonly seen in captive reptiles at 6 to 12 months of age
  • Provides UVB for Vitamin D production and calcium metabolism
  • Emits UVA to help increase activity levels, appetite, and reproductive behaviors

- Zoo Med Repti Basking Spot Lamp 100W (#SL-100):

  • Patented computer designed "double reflector" focuses 35% more light/heat in the beam than other reflector bulbs
  • Tighter beam creates a more effective basking site
  • Increases overall ambient (inside) temperature of your terrarium
  • Lasts up to 2,000 hours