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Ware Critter Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Pan Jumbo
Ware Critter Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Pan Jumbo

Ware Critter Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Pan Jumbo

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Ware Critter Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Pan for rabbits, chinchillas and other small pets is a mess-free system that features high sides to keep messes inside and a plastic guard and wire planel to keep your pet's feet clean. Litter pan is easy to remove and securely attaches to any wire cage. Stain and odor resistant plastic makes clean-up fast and easy. Size: 11"L x 13.5"W x 8"H. Assorted colors - ships in random colors.
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By Annalise D.
Life saver!
November 28, 2020
I had a open corner litter box my holland lop breeder buck would ALWAYS tip over. It fits right in a corner and clips to the side now he can’t tip it and for me it comes with a bonus! He keeps his feel clean! This litter box is a life saver!
  • Clips on corner, keeps bunny feel clean, can?t be tipped over by bunny.
  • Absolutely none it?s a life saver!
Best Rabbit Litter Pan
September 19, 2020
Bought this in the jumbo size for my Netherland Dwarf bunny & it’s perfect for her....not to small or too big! The box is quality made & easy to clean. My item arrived very quickly & was well packaged. Highly recommend Pet Guys!
  • Quality litter pan
  • Item arrived fast & well packaged
  • Fast & easy transaction
  • Fair pricing
By Tosha
Saved my sanity!
April 4, 2019
My rabbit would regularly kick all of the litter out of her previous litter box causing a huge, disgusting mess. This new litter box prevents that from happening and is a great size for a medium sized adult rabbit. It also secures to a wire cage so that it doesn’t shift or slide around in the cage. Highly recommend!
  • Prevents litter from leaving box
  • Keeps pet off of soiled litter
  • Large size
  • Affixes to wire cage
  • None
By Della
Not made correctly
December 3, 2017
We purposely looked for a litter box with a wire grate top.
The box is not made correctly to hold the wire grate in place.
We have one bunny who would not use the box because the wire thing falls into the bottom.
We have a different one of these and the plastic parts that the wire grate rests on
is bigger so it holds the wire grate in place.
By Dana
Love it!
July 15, 2017
Exactly what I needed.
  • Price
  • Fast shipping
Super Easy To Clean
July 4, 2017
No litter needed, everything drops through. I empty mine in the backyard (free fertilizer), hose it out and I'm done(I have 2 pans and it takes less than 10 min). Since there's no litter, could also be flushed down toilet, I love that my buns don't get urine on their feet.
  • No litter to buy, more sanitary for buns.
  • None
By Danielle
Exactly what we needed
July 1, 2017
The litter box is exactly what we needed for our rabbit. It's a good size for his current cage. The pan comes with clips to attach to the side of the cage, but our cage has slanted sides, so it wouldn't work, but it stays well on its own. The only complaint I might have is that I wish it was a bit deeper. Our rabbit fills it up quite fast.
  • Good size
  • Comes with clips to keep it from being moved or flipped
  • Not deep enough
By Madi_sway
Great product!
March 24, 2017
It is perfect for my Netherland Dwarf rabbit! She seems to like it better than her previous long John little box.
  • She can't scratch out the litter and poo. Her feet stay clean, as she isn't walking on her poo either.
  • The grate sometimes falls into the pan, making a little poo stick to it.
By Nikque
Humboldt, Ca
Fast shipping and great products
May 22, 2016
Thanks for being a great play to get pet needs quickly
  • Awesome service!
By RatDude
Philadelphia, PA
Worked great for my rats
February 19, 2016
My pair of young female rats started using this litter box right away. I put the pan in a corner where I saw the most droppings. Put some recycled paper bedding in for litter, removed bedding from other areas of the cage (replaced with newspaper and fleece liners) and spent a few days moving any poops I saw into the litter box. They now hardly poop anywhere else, can clean the litter pan every other day and their cage stays quite clean. The grill works great to keep the rats from caching food in their litter and running through droppings. Highly recommend for litter training rats.
  • Clips to side of cage so animals can't move it. Grill keeps animals out of litter and droppings.
By brent
great price, even better product
February 4, 2016
exactly what I needed. my ferret loves it.
  • everything
  • none
By brent
great product
February 4, 2016
exactly what I needed. my ferret loves it.
  • everything
  • nothing
By Janice
Maple Valley, WA
August 13, 2015
It is the perfect size for our cage. Mr. Nibbles uses it pretty well, although sometimes he just doesn't use it and i have no idea why. But it's nice because it stays in place and he doesn't toss the litter around.
  • Good size, hooks to cage, wire screen keeps the rat out of the litter
  • Is a little tough to get installed at times, but if you hook one side up and then push the cage in on the other side, you can get the second hook attached.
By Ebunn
Littleton, CO
Great Litterpan ~ Great Price!
April 29, 2015
This is a 'must have' if you have one of those busy bunnies that insists on digging in their litter all the time. I've tried many options to keep all of that mess in the pan and off the cage bottom and this is the only one that actually works. You might have to tape the rim to the base though, if you have a resourceful bunn like mine who likes to dismantle things.

Also, this is a Super Price for this pan!