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Zoo Med Reptile Lamp Stand #LF-20
Zoo Med Reptile Lamp Stand #LF-20

Zoo Med Reptile Lamp Stand #LF-20

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Zoo Med's Reptile Lamp Stand safely secures clamp lamp fixtures above the terrarium. PowerSun UV Lamps: Use the Reptile Lamp Stand to vertically orient fixture and bulb. Self ballasted mercury vapor lamps must point straight down to prevent damage and premature burnouts. Adjustable knobs for height (maximum 36") and length (maximum 15") adjustments; good for terrariums from 20 gallons to 100+ gallons in size. The stable "foot" goes underneath the terrarium so stand can not be knocked over. Also has safety clips for power cords. Solid steel construction.


  • Solid Steel Construction
    For maximum durability.
  • Adjustable Knobs
    For height and length adjustments.
  • Safety Clips
    For attaching power cord.
  • Counter Balance
    Decreases vibration/moving of bulb, which will increase the “burn life” of your bulbs.
  • Base Plate
    Stable “foot” that goes underneath terrarium, so stand cannot be knocked over.