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Vet's Best Hairball Relief & Digestive Aid 60 tabs
Vet's Best Hairball Relief & Digestive Aid 60 tabsVet's Best Hairball Relief & Digestive Aid 60 tabs

Vet's Best Hairball Relief & Digestive Aid 60 tabs

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Vet's Best Hairball Relief & Digestive Aid (formerly known as Cat Lube) helps support a normal healthy digestive tract. This wonderful formula helps prevent and eliminate hairballs using herbs that lubricate naturally. Absolutely no petroleum-based ingredients! Shipping weight: 1/3 lb.
Active Ingredients (per tablet):
Psyllium Husk 50 mg
Marshmallow Root 25 mg
Slippery Elm Bark 25 mg
Allzyme (Enzyme Blend) 2 mg
Papaya Extract (Papain) 2 mg

Inactive Ingredients:
Apple Fiber Powder, Calcium Carbonate, Cellulose, Liver Powder, Magnesium Stearate, Natural Flavor, Silicon Dioxide, Yeast (Torula).

Directions for Use:
To release ingredients and to activate the natural flavors your cat will love, break chewable tablets into smaller pieces. Give one tablet twice daily.

* Ingredients and dosage listed are for informational purposes only and are subject to change by the manufacturer. Always refer to the manufacturer and actual product label/inserts for current ingredients, recommended dosage, precautions and warnings before use.

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By Candycek
Kaaawa, Hawaii
May 27, 2015
Really works for my cat
If I don't use this twice a day, one of my cats can't keep his food down. I rely on this to help him and it consistently does. I love this product and PetGuys has the best price. Other sites price this product sometimes 2 to 3 times higher. I will always purchase this from PetGuys as long as they offer it.
By Wendy
December 28, 2013
My long hair cat loves these!
My long hair cat use to have a hairball every other day. Haven't seen one since using this product. However, I do give him 3 or 4 a day. He likes the tablet quartered or crushed an added to his raw diet food.
By Rebecca
June 25, 2013
the best hairball aid I have found
I LOVE these tablets! Having had cats most of my life, I have dealt with hairballs in many ways. Some of my cats have loved the hairball gels and ate it willingly. My current cat is not fooled by the malt or salmon or chicken flavoring, he despises this goo and trying to get him to ingest it has been futile. i found some of the Vets Best tablets clearance at a local pet store and bought all they had, thinking that it couldn't be any worse! I had to begin with crushing them and mixing them into some wet cat food, but soon found my picky cat looking forward to the tablets. he now eats them willingly as if he is sneaking a treat and they seem to help him with his hairball issues. After regular ingestion of the tablets for a couple weeks, the number of hairballs I have had to clean up has decreased to a once in a while occurrence.
ProsSeems to help the hair pass through the cats' system without any side effects. The cats like the taste- though it took several months to get used to. Easy to use and not messy. No harmful effects from continual use.
Conswas hard to find at a reasonable price. Not readily available at Vets or Pet stores.
By Barb.
Stroudsburg, Penna.
June 13, 2013
Great hairball treatment
Very pleased with Bet's Best Hairball Relief. Cat has no hairball problems. Much better than the sticky, gooey treatment.
Cat loves it. Thanks
By Agnes
December 25, 2012
Very good
It's just that the label of the manufacturing date and the expiration date are different from before. Just hope that Vet's Best keeps it consistent. One of my kitties eats it easily. The other doesn't eat any pills, of course.
Proseasy to break ans swallow for cats
Consmy picky cat doesn't like it
By Marie Glover, Tabby Town USA, Inc.
Westby, WI
March 1, 2012
I think it should be "Vet's Best Digestive Aid & Hairball Relief"
We operate a cat rescue and oftentimes we don't know the background of the cats we rescue. Vet's Best HR&DA helps with any kind of unknown loose stools and coughing. Senior cats and cats with kidney issues do exceptionally well on Vet's Best, too.
ProsBesides the exceptional ingredients, cats like it and it's easy to break up the tablets.
By Sara
Bayside, CA
January 31, 2012
Hairball Relief does the trick and muy cat loves it!
All I have to do is shake the bottle and my long-haired cat comes over and eats the tablet from my hand. He almost never has a hairball, and I don't groom him as often as I should. Great product!
ProsSeems to work and my cat loves it. No mess.
ConsAbsolutely nothing!
By Steve
Seattle WA
September 4, 2011
Great Product
Seems to help with hairballs for my 3 cats.
ProsThe cats will eat them without excessive force.
ConsThe newer version of this product is cylindrical and hard as stone. The cats try to eat it, end up hammering them to break them up enough for cats to eat.
By Kath
Henderson, NV
September 2, 2011
Hope it's as good for hairballs!
Several of my cats love these - not sure if it really helps with hairballs yet but time will tell.
ProsCats who didn't like the previous thick tablets seem to like the flatter wider tablets.
ConsNot sure yet if it is helping with hairballs.
By Amy
Madison, WI
August 22, 2011
Finally found something that works for my cat
I have a long haired cat that was constantly leaving wet gobs of hair and puddles of spit-up all over the floor, no matter how well I groomed her. Those tubes of petroleum based products never seemed to work and she could always tell that sticky smelly mess was coming - so I tried these tabs. They work so well. No more gobs or puddles. I crush 2 up daily and mix with a little of her wet food. I actually think she likes the taste of this, as she can be finicky and turn her nose up when you mix stuff with her food - but she dives right into this.
ProsReally helped eliminate hairball expulsion So much more natural than those petroleum based products
ConsCrushing the pills up is kind of a pain; i use a mortar and pestle. Totally worth it though. That is way easier than chasing my cat down to try to get the petroleum based products in her.
By Murray
sutter Creek, CA
July 26, 2011
Does the job!
Cat hasn't had hairball problems since we started using Vet's Best Hairball tabs.
ProsPrevents hairballs
ConsNo problems at all
By Karen
Northern California
June 22, 2011
Works for "kitty-dogs" too!
One of my dogs (long hair, double coated) used to cough up hairballs, and when the vet finally had to admit that it was the first dog she'd ever seen that did that (having seen the hairball firsthand), she recommended a product with Papain (papaya enzyme). This stuff has papain and works like a charm!! Now one of my new dogs (same ancestry, must be genetic!) had started coughing the same way and I tried some of this that I still had left from my other dog. Worked like a charm again. The Papain is natural and works differently than the oil/petrolium based lubricant you usually see for cats. Great stuff, although I can't vouch for how well it works for the kitties!!
ProsNatural ingredients.
ConsWhen they changed the label (used to be yellow and was called "Veterinarian's Best Cat Lube"), I wasn't sure this was even the same product. But noticed at the pet store one day that all the labels had changed. Confusing to the consumer who loyally buys a specific brand/product.
By Martha
Winlock, WA.
June 15, 2011
Great Product!
I ahve been using this product for my cats for a long time now. Cats love it and it WORKS! I very rarely have a problem with hairballs now.
ProsIt Works!!
ConsNothing to dislike!