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Oasis Shred-A-Bed

Oasis Shred-A-Bed

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Oasis Shred-A-Bed is the perfect natural nesting material for pocket pets and certain cage birds in simple easy-to-use form. Shred-A-Bed pads are 100% pure, natural cotton safe for even the most sensitive pocket pet. Shred-A-Bed contains only short fibers, no continuous long strands to wrap around pet's limbs. Pets will instinctively use Shred-A-Bed. Jut put one or two 2" pads into the pet's habitat and watch as your pet moves the pad to his or her selected nesting area and chews and tears at it....fluffing it into a soft bed. Great for canaries, finches, hamsters, mice, rats, etc. Contains twelve 2" x 2" pads. Shipping weight: 1/6 lb.